PHOTO CRITIQUE functions 主要功能

General questions 常见问题

You need to use your email account that's registered with your club membership to log in. If your account is from one of the following social providers, you may continue using your password. We don't see your password, nor manage it. If your email account is with another provider, we will create an account for you on our identity provider:, and ask you to create/manage the password. You may do that on the login page. See: 'how to reset password' in this document.

您需要使用您的会员注册电子邮件来登录。如果您的帐户来自以下社交提供商之一,您可以继续使用您的密码。 我们看不到您的密码,也无法对其进行管理。 如果您的电子邮件来自其它供应商,我们将在我们的身份提供商 上为您创建一个帐户,并要求您创建并管理密码。 您可以在登录页面上执行此操作。 请参阅:本文档中的“如何重置密码”。


You may use the link, 'Forgot password?', found on the login page to change your password. The change process uses your email to complete the reset.

您可以使用登录页面上的“Forgot password?”链接来更改您的密码。 更改过程使用您的电子邮件来完成重置。

After login, go to 'My Photos' page, then click the 'Upload Photo' link. Follow the page instruction to upload your photo. Also, please pay attention to the disclaimer.

登录后,进入“My Photos”页面,然后点击“Upload Photo”链接, 在上传页面按照说明和要求上传照片。另外,请注意免责声明。

Your uploaded photo can be submitted to one or more events. You may do so under 'My Photos' page. Select the photos by clicking the checkbox under each photo, then click the 'Submit to event' link. You will be redirected to the 'Submit Photo(s) to Event' page. Select an active event, then click the 'Submit' button. Only the submitted pictures can be rated, commented on, or judged.

您上传的照片可以提交给一个或多个活动。 您可以在“My Photo”页面下进行。 点击每张照片下面的方框来选择照片,然后点击“Submit to event”链接。 您将被重定向到“Submit Photo(s) to Event”页面。 选择一个活动事件,然后点击“Submit”按钮。只有提交的图片才能被评分、评论或评判。

An event is an activity that is started by a club organizer. It has a set goal, theme, and or conditions that guide club members to enter photos for comments, suggestions, and critiques. There are two types of events: general and contest. In general events, everyone can comment on any photos. While, in the contest events, only the invited judge can rate photos. All events have Open, Close, and Cancel states. The contest events have two more states: Judging and Complete. Here is the meaning of each state:

活动是由俱乐部组织者发起。 它有一个设定的目标、主题和/或条件以便指导俱乐部成员提交照片以获取评论、建议和批评。 目前一共有两种活动类型:一般和竞赛。 在一般活动中,每个人都可以评论任何照片。 而在比赛活动中,只有受邀评委才能对照片进行评分。 所有事件都有打开、关闭、完成和取消状态。 竞赛活动还有两种状态:评判,完成。 以下是每个状态的含义:

  • Open(开放): the event is open to accepting photos.:活动开放接受照片
  • Close(关闭): the event is no longer accepting photos. The event organizer may also set the Close Date to stop accepting photos. 活动不再接受照片, 活动组织者也可以设置关闭日期以停止接受照片
  • Judging(评判): the event is in a judging state. In this state, the event orchestrator and judges rate each photo. The rating process may require multiple rounds if ties need to be differentiated. During judging, judges are the only ones who can rate photos, the orchestrator is responsible for detecting ties and starting new rounds with selected photos. When the result becomes obvious, the orchestrator can designate the winners and complete the contest. 事件处于评判状态。 在这种状态下,活动策划者和评委对每张照片进行评分。 如果需要区分平局,评级过程可能需要进行多轮。在评审过程中,评委是唯一可以对照片进行评分的人,协调员负责检测平局,并选出平局的照片开始新一轮比赛。 当结果变得明显时,协调者可以指定获胜者并完成比赛。
  • Complete(完成): the judging process is completed. The result is published.:平判过程结束, 结果公布。
  • Cancel(取消): the event is canceled. The event and photos won't be visible to the public anymore. 事件被取消,该活动和照片将不再公开。

Any club admins can do it.


Any club member or guest can be a judge. A club admin can designate judges when creating a contest. In the current implementation, a person needs to be set as a member or guest before he/she can be designated as a judge. In the future, we may remove this restriction.

任何俱乐部成员或客人都可以担任评委。 俱乐部管理员可以在创建比赛时指定评委。 在当前的实现中,需要先将一个人设置为会员或客人,然后才能指定他/她为评委。 将来,我们可能会取消此限制。

Everyone, including the author, can rate a photo, and you can send scores multiple times, but only the last score is kept.


The photos of general event are sorted by total score, and the photos of contest event are sorted by rank after the competition of the judging process. The rank depends on the judge's score in each round. For details, please refer to the judging section of the event definition.

普通活动的照片按总分排序, 参加比赛的照片在比赛结束后按等级排序,等级取决于每一轮裁判的评分,有关裁判评分的细节请参考本文活动定义的评判部分。

This score is from the EVERYPIXEL's User-Generated Photo Scoring model trained on a 347,000 of user photos from Instagram. Estimation parameters for this model were prepared by a group of 10 professional photographers. Scoring methods are based on five classes: very bad (0-20), bad (20-40), normal (40-60), good (60-80) and excellent (80-100).

This model is designed to evaluate user photos taken both by a professional camera and by a camera of a smartphone. It doesn't estimate the plot and do not measure how cool or beautiful a person or an object on a photo may look. It cares only about technical parts like brightness, contrast, noise and so on. The service is not dedicated for scoring historical photos, illustrations or 3D visualizations.

This model is far from perfect. It should be used as a reference only.

人工智能评估来自 EVERYPIXEL 的用户生成照片评分模型,该模型对来自 Instagram 的 347,000 张用户照片进行了训练, 该模型的估计参数由一组 10 位专业摄影师准备, 评分方法基于五个等级:非常差 (0-20)、差 (20-40)、正常 (40-60)、好 (60-80) 和优秀 (80-100)。

该模型旨在评估由专业相机和智能手机相机拍摄的用户照片, 它不评价情节,也不衡量照片上的人或物体看起来有多酷或多漂亮, 它只关心亮度、对比度、噪音等技术部分。 该服务并非专门用于对历史照片、插图或 3D 可视化进行评分。

这个模型远非完美, 请仅作参考。